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Meditation Mondays: Transformation

Long weekends are great for spending time with friends or family, travelling, enjoying nature, resting and rejuvenating, catching up on your favorite TV shows, and really whatever you want that makes you happy!

It felt like the ideal time for a little Meditation Monday recap so here we go. Although many people use January 1st, these next few weeks leading into summer (officially) are a perfect time of year to jump-start personal transformation. All it really takes to make major moves is a few minutes a day and the intention to break through whatever holds you back from feeling good more often. My recommendation is to go through the previous meditations, choose one, and do it every day for 3 minutes for the next 40 days (if you miss a day, no big deal, just keep going), if you are inclined to do more, go for it! Focus on what you're ready to let go of or leave behind and what may need a little upgrading in your life; let the meditations do the rest.

May these weekly emails continue to serve you in some way, may you experience real shifts, and may you become more of who you're meant to be.

Happy Meditating!

With Love & Immense Gratitude,


"You will never know who you are if you have not disciplined yourself to know who you are." -Yogi Bhajan


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