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Keep the Dream Alive!

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to how valuable key team members are to your business. Let’s take a moment to appreciate what they bring to the collective…you couldn’t execute your vision without them!

These talented individuals (including you) provide a vital service, fill an important role, and generate income for the business. I’m sure we can agree that if said partners or employees were to become too sick or hurt to work, it would be difficult to fill their shoes or find a replacement; especially in a company l(like startups or smaller businesses) without cross-trained or backup employees.

Think of:

  • A key salesperson whose client relationships are vital to the survival of the business

  • The administrator who provides all the operational, client management, and back-end support to the rest of the team

  • A CEO, CFO, CIO, or other executives depending on company size

  • The Executive Chef of a restaurant

  • The IT Engineer of a web based company

  • Head Brewer or Brew Master

  • You, the owner, the founder, the visionary!

The loss or absence of any of these key employees due to a disability or illness, even in the short term, could result in a major financial loss to the business!

You may be wondering, is there a way to protect my business in the event something like this happens?? The answer is YES!

Key Person Disability Insurance provides cash in order to:

  • Buy time and keep the business moving

  • Recruit, hire, and train a replacement

  • Offset a portion of the financial loss

The company is the Owner, Payor, and Beneficiary of the policy, provided that the employee (applicant) agrees to be insured. Premiums are not deductible to the company; but the benefits are tax free.

I realize you may think that you could step in and take over but not only could that take you away from your own responsibilities, it may cause additional stress to you and the business. Don’t forget you hire others for a reason and although you may try, you can’t do it all! Key Person Disability Insurance is a simple and inexpensive way to cushion the blow of one of the many “uncontrollables” that occur in life and business; more than anything it secures a little peace of mind (which we all can use more of in life).

With Love & Gratitude,



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