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Meditation Mondays: Totally Recharge

Release and let go of everything that no longer serves you and what you are becoming and stepping into. Old habits, thought forms, ways of being, ways of doing...the ways that you doubt yourself, the ways you hold yourself back, the ways you say you can’t, the ways you resist, the ways you don’t believe, the ways you don’t show up for yourself, the ways you don’t love yourself enough, the ways you don’t express yourself, the ways you let your fears get in the way of creating, the ways you let others dictate your worth, the ways you allow old stories to manifest and repeat into the present, the ways you stay small, the ways you don’t believe that everything you deeply desire is available to you simply because you want it, the ways you accept so much less than you deserve, the ways you forget how truly exceptional you are and what you’re capable of, and all the ways that you keep yourself from sharing your love at its absolute maximum capacity.

It's been a little over a month since the last Meditation Monday…it feels like yesterday and at the same time an eternity ago. So much has occurred in such a short blip of time, it's almost hard to believe. There are things that have been happening and developing in my life and business that I feel so good about and proud of, there are parts of my life where for the first time i'm feeling a real sense of fulfillment, i'm enjoying the experience of being myself a lot more than I ever have, and of course, because it's a polarity planet, there has also been fear, sadness, loss, and heartbreak sprinkled in the mix. That's just part of life and what happens when we grow, when we put ourselves out there in the world, when we create, and when we love.

Rather than let the stuff that doesn't feel so great completely take over (which isn't always so easy), we can tap into strength and wisdom (already within and available to us) that's cultivated through practice, intention, and commitment to creating better habits and better ways of thinking and being.

Continuously stepping into new levels of yourself requires discipline and courage. You have to be able to look at yourself and face all the ways your own behaviors, neurosis, and self-deception have been creating your reality, holding you back, or blocking you from bringing in what you want. You have to get ruthlessly honest about where you've been stuck and how you're repeating the same thing, you definitely have to be able to laugh at yourself about it, and then you have to decide; "this ends now, I'm not going to do it this way anymore."

So in those moments when things aren't so shiny or we're hurting or frustrated, how do we cope or simply deal with what's put in front of us? What can we do to feel better so that we don't lose days or weeks or months? What would it take to change and strengthen our systems so that when whatever the thing is comes up, instead of going down an old usual path of resistance, or self-destructive habits or thought forms, we do something better?

We use our breath to rewire our brains and "force our systems to behave in a more intelligent way."


This is a mediation I've recently learned from my teacher Guru Jagat, that anyone can do. It's The Meditation to Totally Recharge You, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

"This meditation totally recharges you. It is an anecdote to depression. It builds a new system, it gives you the capacity and the caliber to deal with life. It gives you a direct relationship with life."

Sit in easy pose (whatever way is easiest for you) Close the right hand into a fist and wrap the left hand around it, both thumbs up Arms are stretched straight out in front of you Sit up straight and tall

Eyes are open and focused at the thumbs

Inhale and count for 5 seconds through the nose Exhale and count for 5 seconds through the nose Hold the breath out and count for 15 seconds (it’s hard but you can do it!)

Then, continue this breath pattern and keep working it for 3 minutes (you can build up to 7 or 11 minutes but 3 is enough to make a major difference!)

To end, inhale deeply and hold the breath for as long as is comfortable with your eyes closed, then release.

In the spirit of experimentation, try this meditation out for yourself every day this week (or 40 days) and see what happens.


It's important to remember that the challenges or things we face that cause discomfort, worry, anxiety, or upset won't last forever, but it's up to us to elevate ourselves, no one else can do it for us. The breath, the meditations, they make the changes within us, we don't have to force change or new habits or better thinking…but our work is that once we make the decision to change, we not only have to show up for the few minutes each day, we have to keep showing up...over and over. So keep showing up.

Happy Meditating!

With Love & Gratitude,



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