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The Mantric Science of Ant Na Siftee

"There are eighty-four points in the upper part of the mouth and the touch of the tongue works like acupressure. When you speak, this tongue touches those areas and stimulates the nervous system and brain. The words we call mantra are designed to stimulate a particular combination of meridians in the mouth. These words also have a projective power. The theory is that the huge computer mind is Infinite and our mind is limited. If you know the combination of the frequency of the signal which can tap the resources of the Infinite Mind, then the flow of Infinity will start appearing to your finite mind. Mantra is nothing but a telecommunication of the finite unto the Infinite. The individual creates a frequency of vibration within his electro-magnetic field to tap the electro-magnetic field of the Universe." Yogi Bhajan

Ant Na Siftee - The 24th Pauri of Japji

"The twenty fourth pauree breaks through all limitations with the force of a thunderbolt. It is so powerful that it affects generations; it has the power to kill misfortune."

Yogi Bhajan calls this the “Pauri of Infinity”, saying too that it has the capacity to give you infinite powers. As with any mantra, Ant Na Siftee has a specific sound current, or a unique code, that activates when the tongue hits the meridians on the roof of the mouth (there are 84 of them) - this activates specific neurological sequences of the mind, as do all Kundalini mantras. Sleep to it, learn it, chant it 11x per day, chant it for 11 minutes per day, play it on your phone and in your will give you sovereignty, it is the sound of infinity. This sound breaks and transforms generational, incarnational, karmic, and familial entanglements and patterns - perfect to play around the holidays when a lot of old habits and family stuff tends to come up! The very precise rhythm of Ant Na Siftee puts a specific pattern on your neurons giving you the ability to re-code reality in a different way - I recommend the version by White Sun Music, found here.

Ant Na Siftee Kehn na ant Ant na karnai dayn na ant Ant na vaykhan sunan na ant Ant na jaapai kiaa man mant Ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar Ant na jaapai paaraaavaar Ant kaaran kaytay bilalaa-he Taa kay ant na paa-ay jaa-ay Ayho ant na jaanai ko-i Bahutaa keheeai Bahutaa ho-i Vadaa saahib oochaa thaao Oochay oopar oochaa naao Ayvad oochaa hovai ko-i Tis Oochay kau jaanai so-i Jayvad aap jaanai aap aap Naanak nadaree karamee daat

*Pro tip - you don't have to know the words. Just move your mouth and tongue as if you do and you'll still receive the neurological upgrades and healing benefits.

*Pro tip - if you're not into the meditating or mantra recitations but want the benefits (or you just want to amp it up) then sleeping to the mantra on repeat does the work for you. It may take a night or two to adjust but trust me, neurological patterns will be re-calibrated and you'll begin to sleep more deeply and wake up differently. It doesn't have to be loud either. When we sleep, our subconscious mind cycles through a lot of negative garbage; by playing mantra through the night, the technology of the sound clears it out for us. Try it!

"Anything which stops you - gets stopped itself." Yogi Bhajan

To your mastery, sovereignty, and transformation.

Sat Nam,



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