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Meditation Mondays: Victory

Here we are, another Monday morning. This can either be exciting -- as it’s a fresh start to a new week to create dreams, accomplish goals, move towards our vision, live life, enjoy the people we love, make a difference in the world utilizing our creative gifts -- OR it can verge on the line of depressing…the weekend is over, we have to go to work or tend to other responsibilities, maybe we partook in a little too much weekend, etc.

Full disclosure, on this particular Monday, I'm a bit more on the groggy side than usual. I've spent over a week out of my usual routine, traveling, enjoying food I don't regularly indulge in, celebrating my birthday and the wedding of one of my closest friends (which of course led to some extra toasts of champagne), and today I'll spend close to 12 hours in my car driving home.

It doesn't matter what day it is, we can always easily find reasons why we'll have to struggle through what's in front of us or justify why we can't bring our best into the day. On the flip side, although some days may be more challenging, we can always just as easily reach for at least one solid reason to feel good and bring that energy into our experience.

Doesn't it feel empowering to know that it's entirely up to us to choose the kind of day we want to have? I could so easily focus on the long drive ahead, how I'm leaving one of my favorite cities and some of the people I love most that I didn't get to see or see enough of, etc. Instead, I am making a conscious choice to see only the amazing time I just had, how grateful I am for this trip, how proud I am of myself for sneaking in my yoga and meditation every day even if it was only for a few minutes, how I laughed so hard and talked so much that I lost my voice, how I get to return to another city that I love with more people I love, and how I get to utilize the drive back to enjoy scenery, listen to great music and podcasts, brainstorm about my life and business, and spend some quiet time with myself.

While this switch of thought may come very naturally to me now, I understand that it takes practice and discipline to look at everything this way. This is where meditation comes in to speed up the process and change our thinking without us realizing it! A few minutes in the morning every day can make all the difference in how you feel about everything that comes your way, and most importantly how you feel about yourself. Try this week's meditation every morning this week to change your energy, create a better experience, and feel victorious!

You can do this meditation anywhere, sitting or standing.

Close your eyes, gently focus your gaze up, between your brows (third eye point).

Inhale deeply and hold your breath. Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and mentally vibrate the word, "Victory!" as many times as you can while comfortable holding your breath, then exhale. Repeat and continue.

Continue for 10 seconds to 3 minutes, then to end; inhale, exhale, and relax.

Happy Meditating!

With Love & Gratitude,


"When you put the sound of victory on your own breath, then your whole psychomagnetic field broadcasts to the Universe a victorious experience and a victorious reality. So with just one breath, you've already taken the leap from instability, insecurity, and the arrhythmia of your own neurosis to a place of fearlessness, security, personal awareness, and a previously unimagined empowerment!" -Guru Jagat, Invincible Living


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