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Meditation Mondays: Happiness

When we came into the world and began our experience as humans, before the traumatic events, broken hearts, projections of society, failed business ventures, imprinted limiting beliefs, etc. there was only LOVE. As adults, sometimes it's hard to remember that our true nature is happiness, harder at times to feel it.

Even though you may trust and know deep within your soul that everything will work out for the highest good, you can still experience anxiety, stress, fear, and depression. The great news is that because happiness and love is our natural state of being, we always have access to it, we just have to go within. Of course, things outside of ourselves serve a purpose in enhancing our joy, but ultimately if we don't have the capacity to cultivate it on our own, no person, job, item, or amount of money will sustain it in the long run.

It's entirely up to us to do whatever we can to bring ourselves back to joy as often as possible and even more important to ALLOW ourselves to stay there and bask in it because we all deserve to be happy, regardless of what any person, entity, or past experience may have made us believe otherwise.

So what's the most powerful tool we have to access this state of being? I doubt this is news to you…it's our breath. That’s it, it's really that simple.

You can sit or be standing (this is an in the moment, no preparation necessary, do it anywhere practice)

Take a long deep breath in through the nose, really filling up your chest, lungs, and diaphragm

Hold the breath in, squeeze and pull up your rectum, sex organs, and naval point (also called, root lock or mulbhand)

When you can no longer hold the breath comfortably (do not strain), powerfully exhale out through your nose

(Repeat as desired)

All it really takes is one deep breath to change your experience and perspective, and re-calibrate your energy and entire nervous system. This week, try to be aware of the moments you feel affected by stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, doubt, insecurity, anger, low vibration, frustration, or lack of clarity.

Take a breath and restore yourself, even if only for a few moments, back to your true self. Sat Nam.

Happy Meditating!

With Love & Gratitude,


“Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too” -Yogi Bhajan


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