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Meditation Mondays: Our Word

"The highest, most effective energy on this planet is the word. There is nothing beyond it, there shall be nothing beyond it, and there was nothing beyond it; therefore, we must consciously understand the power of the word. When we understand the power of the word and we apply the whole mind behind the word, then we create the word which can create the whole world for us." - Yogi Bhajan

Words hold immense power. Beyond the foundation of our own integrity, words hold energy and vibration that can either be healing or massively harming. When our word is broken and we leave promises unfulfilled, regardless of their simplicity or magnitude, and we fail to follow up with action, or there's disconnect between what we say and our behavior, we can lose trust, create disappointment, and hurt those that have put their faith in us.

Words can elevate. Words can damage for a lifetime.

When we think about how the words of others affect us, we must also think even more deeply about how our words and the energy behind them affect not only others, but ourselves.

What we say matters. How we communicate matters. The intention behind the word matters. Our thoughts and repetitive inner dialogue matter.

Think about this for a moment: How do you hold yourself back from doing the things you want with words of limitation? How do your words keep you stuck in fear, insecurity, anxiety, and past trauma? How are you lying to yourself about your reality? How are you breaking your own promises to yourself? How are you silently judging yourself? How much precious time and happiness have you lost because you believed in a self-created nonreality?

Negative thought patterns drain us of our energy. When we are left with no energy, we become destructive rather than constructive in our lives, our work, and our relationships. We say things we don't mean, we act and speak without grace, we make bad decisions, etc.

The good news is that we're fully capable of retraining our brains and using words to heal, excel, change our perspectives, replace insecurity with security, and raise our vibration, it just takes practice (yes, we actually have to DO something). Honestly this may be the most important thing we can do for our lives and the planet right now. The more we think in love, the more energy we have, the better we feel, the more we create, the more we elevate others, the list of benefits go on and on.


For this week's meditation (the Kirtan Kriya, originally taught by Yogi Bhajan), we'll use repetition of the mantra: SA TA NA MA (totality, life, death, rebirth).

This meditation will improve sleep, increase your energy, reverse memory loss, reduce stress, lift brain fog, break habits and addictions, and enhance creativity (yes, please!).

As you chant (Sa Ta Na Ma, Sa Ta Na Ma, Sa Ta Na Ma, etc.), the thumbs touch each fingertip in rhythm with the mantra. This channelizes the energy through the nerve endings in the finger which are connected to the brain centers relating to intuition, patience, vitality, and communication.

SA - thumb touches tip of index finger TA - thumb touches tip of middle finger NA - thumb touches tip of ring finger MA - thumb touches tip of pinky finger

Sit in a comfortable position (preferably easy pose but no worries if that's not available for you) with your spine straight. Close your eyes and focus up in between your brow (third eye) point.

Throughout the meditation, each syllable of the mantra should be projected mentally from the back of the top of the head, down, and then straight out the third eye point (picture an L shape). I know this visualization can seem challenging at first but just do your best and keep trying, it will get easier with practice!

Chant the mantra out loud (with intention) for 2 minutes Whisper the mantra for 2 minutes Mentally (silently) chant the mantra for 3 minutes Whisper again for 2 minutes Chant out loud again for 2 minutes

To end: Inhale deep and stretch the arms up. Hold the position and the breath for as long as you comfortably can, then exhale keeping the posture. Inhale again, hold, then exhale. Relax.


Try this meditation every day for 40 days and see what happens. Also, this mantra is great anytime you notice you're thinking about something that isn't serving you; simply begin to repeat the mantra mentally and instantly replace your insecurity with security.

Happy Meditating!

With Gratitude,



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