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Meditation Mondays: Have More Fun

There are things we know we need to do, have to do, or should do. We wait, procrastinate, dread, or we just don't do them. Then we're hard on ourselves, feel stressed and overwhelmed from our own judgement which leads to more pressure to get said tasks completed and thus we're in a vicious cycle that appears impossible to break. Some even call that "life," yet is that the life we want to be living? Even if you're among those living your most inspired happy life, there will always be tasks, both business and personal, that must be done that you may not be so enthused about.

When we’re dissatisfied with an area of life, whether health, business, personal relationships, etc., how do we expect to improve it and take action steps forward if we're stuck in the stress and negativity of it all? When we're low energy or stuck in the cycle of self judgement or the feeling of powerlessness, we block ourselves from seeing solutions to the challenges. This energy makes any task seem daunting regardless of whether or not we know it could make life better in the end.

One remedy for this is to add more of what we WANT to do to our day. On the surface, it may seem counterproductive or a form of procrastination but it's quite the opposite. In fact, it's essential. Doing things we enjoy and want to do makes us feel good, and when we feel good all the other stuff seems to flow better. Feeling good allows us to approach activities we don't love with a different attitude or a more open mind, and integrating more of what we love into our days (even if it's only for a few minutes), replenishes our energy to tackle more.

This week's meditation is more of a self care exercise: Are you carving out at least a few minutes every day for activities that bring you joy and happiness? If the answer is yes, good! Keep it up. If the answer is no, think about something you could do TODAY for yourself. You can even make a list and then pick something for each day of the week. It doesn't have to be elaborate or complicated. You could put on a song you love and dance to it, watch Parks and Recreation blooper reels on YouTube, cook a favorite meal, FaceTime your best friend, etc. Just have fun and laugh!

It's too easy to caught up in day to day monotony and responsibilities that we forget to set aside time for ourselves. Life isn't intended to be about going through the motions or crossing things off a to-do list (although if you're like me, there's a high level of satisfaction that coincides with a check mark next to a task). We're supposed to have fun and enjoy ourselves! Even in the mundane we have the power to bring a lightness or humor; in that lighter energy our minds open up to new possibilities and we are able to see in a way that we otherwise couldn’t. Don’t take my word for it, try it and see what happens.

Happy Meditating!

With Love & Gratitude,


"It works better if you enjoy it." Danielle Laporte


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