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Meditation Mondays: Gratitude

What’s usually your first thought when you wake up? Are you annoyed at your alarm clock? Do you immediately think about everything on your calendar or to-do list? Or, are you excited for the day ahead of you? Before you even open your eyes you have to power to set the tone for your entire day; you can begin with stress or joy, the choice is yours.

This week’s meditation is simple and although I’m suggesting to do it anytime, anywhere, I believe the greatest benefit will be to do this for a few minutes before officially opening your eyes and starting your usual morning routine.

Ask yourself this question: What are a few things I can be grateful for today? But instead of making a quick mental list, I want you to go deeper…why are you grateful?

Say, I am grateful for (blank), because (blank).

Some examples:

I am grateful for my close relationships because I am able to share myself without judgment, I feel loved and supported, and we laugh hysterically.

I am grateful to have a full schedule today because it means I have work, I am needed, and I am serving others.

I am grateful for the TV show Schitt’s Creek because it’s so hilarious, intelligent, and entertaining. Seriously, I highly recommend this show if you’re a fan of comedy.

I think you get the gist, it doesn’t have to be too deep or complicated, just an honest inventory of what makes you happy in your life and why. Take notice that when you do this exercise, whether first thing in the morning or throughout the day, you immediately start to feel joy, appreciation, love, etc.

Remember that every thought we have is manifesting something, so when you feel high vibration feelings, you'll be a magnet for more of them. Try it every day this week (you can even take it a step further and tell others why you appreciate them), and see what awesome things come your way.

Happy Meditating!

With Love & Gratitude,



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