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Meditation Mondays: Elevate Others

You may or may not have heard the concept that our energy walks into a room before we do. Regardless, you've been on the receiving end of this experience. Ever been around someone who doesn't even have to DO anything, but simply by being around them you feel calm, energized, inspired, and somehow lifted up? On the opposite end, I have no doubts you've felt drained, agitated, sad, anxious, etc. just by being in close proximity to someone carrying around negative energy.

Let's turn that back around on ourselves. What kind of imprint do you want to leave on others? Do you want people to feel better about life and themselves having left you or do you want to leave them in a low vibration? In this case I'm not so much talking about the words you say, although the words you speak (and think) do have a massive influence on the energy you create, rather I'm referring to the impact you make and the massive effect you have on the world simply with your PRESENCE.

Yogi Bhajan says, "If your presence isn’t working, then your word will never work." There is an energy attached to everything we do and say that others pick up on. When you send a text or email, publish your work, execute a marketing campaign, do a presentation, work on a client project, walk down the street, have a conversation in person or on the phone; it doesn't really matter what you say…it's all in the energy and underlying intention you're holding.

So how do we raise this frequency in ourselves to ensure what we're putting out into the world is constructive rather than destructive? We have to clear the blocks and habitual negative thoughts that keep us stuck in our own low level energy on a subconscious level, so we can be the light; a force of energy that raises the vibration of a room before we even enter it.

This week's meditation is a repeat. Why? Because this, in my personal opinion and 3+ years of experience in practicing it, is the most powerful meditation there is. It WILL raise your energy and vibration, clear negative thought patterns, blocks, ego, and get you out of your own way. It WILL change you and in effect change your experience of what's happening around you. But you have to actually do it. 3 minutes (that's it) a day every day; commit to it, and if you miss a day pick it back up the next day, just keep doing it.

Either sit on the floor in a cross legged position (easy pose) or if that's uncomfortable for you simply sit in a chair with both feet on the floor and straighten your spine. Close your eyes and focus up in between your eyebrows (your third eye point).

Raise your arms straight up to a 60 degree angle (think 10 & 2 o'clock) and keep them straight with power & intention for the duration of the meditation. Curl the fingertips and press onto the pads of the palms at the base of the fingers, keep your thumbs stretched out pointing towards each other or up to the sky above the head.

Hold the position with a Breath of Fire for 3 minutes: even inhale and exhale through the nose; the breath should be powerful and quick, but even. Make sure that on the inhale your diaphragm extends, on the exhale your diaphragm contracts, but keep the diaphragm relaxed, don't tighten up. If 3 minutes feels too intense in the beginning of your practice, start with 1, then work up to 2, then 3, but I have total confidence that you can hang for the full time.

To end, inhale deeply and hold the breath in, pulling up the root lock (squeeze and pull up your rectum, sex organs, and naval point), keeping the arms straight and spine tall, magnetically bringing the thumb tips together, stretching your other fingers out . Hold the breath in until you no longer comfortably can, exhale slowly and sweep the arms down and let your fingertips touch the ground. Sit in this energy for a moment, notice how your body feels. Set an intention to bring your highest most loving energy and best self into every interaction, action, and relationship.

Note: If you're pregnant or menstruating don't do breath of fire, do long deep breaths instead.

Remember that the reality we experience in our daily lives is a direct reflection of our energy and thoughts. We have the capability and power to change our energetic imprint on everything around us by changing our thoughts, perception, our breath, and ultimately our physical presence. It takes discipline to be the creator and projector of our own radiant and magnificent energy, especially in this time on the planet, but truly, there isn't a more important practice. Sat Nam.

With Love & Gratitude,


"May the light within shine so brightly that you see your path ahead clearly illuminated. May all obstacles be removed, and may you uplift and elevate all those you come in contact with." -Kia Miller


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