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Meditation Mondays: Right Now

Sometimes it's a real challenge to not get caught up in the "in between" of where you are in life vs. where you want to be. Your business hasn't advanced quite at the pace you had hoped, you haven't found the better job, your health isn't visibly improving, your relationships don't appear to be where you thought they'd be, your bank account isn't stacked, you feel like something is missing…whatever the thing is, you thought you'd be further ahead by now and you're feeling frustrated, defeated, sad, stressed, or anxious.

What we must remember is that when we cling to our own timelines, more often than not, we'll wind up disappointed.

If you are taking at least one step forward every day that's aligned with what you want and how you want to feel, then you are showing up for yourself and your desires; you are creating something.

When we stay stuck in the "it's not happening" mentality we'll feel miserable and we block the things we want from coming to us. To shift our energy we can instead refocus on how far we have come and remind ourselves of everything we do have.

This week, take at least a couple of minutes each day to mentally note (or write down if you feel called to) what IS working in your life. What's going well? Who is showing up for you? How are your friends, partners (romantic and business), and family adding love, support, and positivity to your life? What are you learning? How are you better? Where are you experiencing real happiness?

When we feel the energy of love and appreciation we make ourselves energetically receptive for more good to come our way with effortlessness, and in that feeling we open our intuition and creativity to see things from a wider perspective. Part of the key to bringing in what we want is having the ability to, in a moment, conjure up the feeling of gratitude regardless of what's happening around us; we all embody this power, we simply have to practice it and make a daily deliberate commitment and choice to redirect our thoughts from fear to love.

With Love & Gratitude,


"I am not a victim of the world I see." A Course In Miracles


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