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Meditation Mondays: Getting What We Want

"All your destiny is written in the word. If you speak divine words, then those words rewrite your destiny." -- Yogi Bhajan

We all want what we want and we know we can't expect those dreams to magically show up in our lives by sitting around doing nothing. Once we're clear on what that thing is, we've got to go farther than simply asking for it (or meditating on it without ever leaving the house) we've got to command it, embody it, know it, and take inspired action.

There are forces in this world that want us to believe in scarcity rather than there being more than enough to go around. And for many, because of ancestral experiences, past generations and upbringing, the scarcity and lack or "never enough" mentality (not just in money but in love, time, resources, connection) have become ingrained into our psyche as opposed to believing that abundance, love, prosperity, happiness, friendship, success, creativity, etc. is our birthright.

So many of us get tripped up about asking for what we truly want (of ourselves, of others, of our lives) because we fear rejection, failure, or judgement, so we stay silent, we stay in mediocrity. Or we set intentions, take action, declare to the universe that we've asked and shall receive, and we even believe on many levels we can have the thing but then the thing doesn't come in the way or the time we expected so we feel defeated, we lose our confidence, we stop believing.

Either way, there's a disconnect. Deep down on some level we all experience varying degrees of fear, self-hatred, doubt, and a disbelief that we're deserving. And that winds up being the energy behind our request to the universe….like a bad phone connection, only pieces of the message are picked up.

So how do we clear this out so we can command what we want and actually make the things happen in our lives and experience grander success, bigger self-expression, deeper connections, more love, more prosperity, more wisdom, more joy?


Mantra is a command in itself. It's a wave of the mind, or a sound that directs the flow of thoughts. Yogi Bhajan says that anything you speak is a mantra; the mantra is in the repeating.

Mantra clears the channels and moves the clouds out of the way so we can see with more clarity and a wider perspective…we become more open to the resources and opportunities already surrounding us.

In using mantra we are given the ability to clear beneath the psyche; to heal deep beneath the layers of our habitual thought patterns which are their own powerful command to the universe…just not the command we want to be making.

When you mentally repeat a mantra you're cutting through your subconscious thought patterns. The thought patterns that say we're not good enough to have what we want and ultimately what keeps us from getting what we want. When we're not obsessing over negative thoughts, we have more time, we have more energy, we feel more generous, we have more fun! When we feel better and aren't stuck in our own neurosis, we're more radiant and we easily and effortlessly attract more of what we want.

I'm going to use the same meditation from last week as it's one of the most powerful. Aside from doing the meditation itself, I have found in my own experience, having the mantra "Sa Ta Na Ma" in my back pocket has proven wonders in replacing negative thoughts. Anytime I notice myself in doubt, fear, or anything that isn't serving me I redirect my attention to this mantra (or Sat Nam, Wahe Guru, and several others), which provides wisdom, clarity, and strength...essentially replacing a negative low vibrational thought with a higher vibrational thought.

If you didn't have the opportunity to try this last week, I highly recommend it! There's a lot going on in the world right now, not to mention in our own lives that’s requiring us to step into our individual strength and power, which is nearly impossible to do effectively if we're not taking care of ourselves or we're allowing all our energy to be drained by our own neurosis. This meditation is easy and will change you when you make it part of your practice.


The Kirtan Kriya, originally taught by Yogi Bhajan. This meditation will deepen your wisdom, improve sleep, increase your energy, reverse memory loss, reduce stress, lift brain fog, break habits and addictions, and enhance creativity among other things.

We'll use repetition of the mantra: SA TA NA MA (totality, life, death, rebirth).

As you chant (Sa Ta Na Ma, Sa Ta Na Ma, Sa Ta Na Ma, etc.), the thumbs touch each fingertip in rhythm with the mantra. This channelizes the energy through the nerve endings in the finger which are connected to the brain centers relating to intuition, patience, vitality, and communication.

SA - thumb touches tip of index finger TA - thumb touches tip of middle finger NA - thumb touches tip of ring finger MA - thumb touches tip of pinky finger

Sit in a comfortable position (preferably easy pose but no worries if that's not available for you) with your spine straight. Close your eyes and focus up in between your brow (third eye) point.

Throughout the meditation, each syllable of the mantra should be projected mentally from the back of the top of the head, down, and then straight out the third eye point (picture an L shape). I know this visualization can seem challenging at first but just do your best and keep trying, it will get easier with practice!

Chant the mantra out loud (with intention) for 2 minutes Whisper the mantra for 2 minutes Mentally (silently) chant the mantra for 3 minutes Whisper again for 2 minutes Chant out loud again for 2 minutes

To end: Inhale deep and stretch the arms up. Hold the position and the breath for as long as you comfortably can, then exhale keeping the posture. Inhale again, hold, then exhale. Relax.


Happy Meditating!

With Gratitude,



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