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The Secrets of the Illuminati Card Game 1995: How to Download and Play the Full Deck of Cards

the card featuring the duke of cambridge is another card that conspiracy theorists have taken as an interesting coincidence, after all, he is a son of a former king, who was a member of the illuminati. in this case, the card is the very fitting ian stuart card, who is featured sitting on the side of a golf ball, along with the card titled, ian and the golf ball. ian stuart was the former archbishop of canterbury and, if anything, a supporter of the monarchy, it would seem silly for him to suddenly change his outlook and become critical of the royal family. indeed, it is all the more surprising that, as of 2020, he would still be a member of the illuminati and a supporter of the royal family, after leaving the job of archbishop of canterbury and in support of the royal family. as the card suggests, he is a very happy and satisfied member of the illuminati. here is the link to the full deck of cards.

Illuminati Card Game 1995 All Cards Pdf Download

last but not least, why would the illuminati include a card titled, kim kardashian, featuring her on a couch. the well-known reality television star is famous for her numerous public displays of a wild and unruly side. the main reason people are speculating about the illuminati, is that it would seem that the few cards that have been released are highly significant in nature. you can download the illuminati card game 1995 all cards pdf here:

danesh illusionist is a conspiracy theorist, author and public speaker. his books have been translated into english and spanish. his latest book is titled, the abyssinian fable. he is featured in the book, "the secret history of the world, by ralph graves. he also featured in the documentary, "illuminati". he frequently appears as a guest of the joe rogan experience. his appearances are available at his website:


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