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Girls Forever (625) Mp4

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Girls Forever (625) mp4

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Custom video order - On the red mats in a garage type setting one of the most beautiful girls with the hottest body stands topless ready to fight. With the red boxing gloves on she comes at you and while you at first distracted by her sexiness she gets a few jabs in on you. But she needs to go down and go down hard! This POV style mixed boxing fight starts out with the topless woman wearing boxing gloves and shorts. She gets a a strong punch to the abs and she starts drooling, followed up by a combo of body and face punches until she goes down with a face punch, she's out for a while but gets up and is ready to fight again. Taking her to the corner with jabs to the face and when she's in the corner vicious combos continue until she starts drooling and vomiting a bit until she's on her knees, after which she is knocked down with a punch to the face and she's down again. Shes on the ground with a messed up nose and battered body and they go to their corners for a break as she drinks water and gets cleaned up and tries to physic her self up. The fight restarts in middle of the ring, trading blows to the face for a while until low blows and jabs to her face back her to the corner this time the punches are to the face, tits, belly and some low blows. This continues to middle of the ring and she gets super hard punches to gut and she vomits and then she gets an upper cut where her spit flies and she's faded to black, then sitting on her body giving her more punches to the face and stomach. Finally the gloves are removed to take her shorts off and kept as a trophy. Her naked body left beaten sore. She will awaken to black and blue welts and bruises and a beatdown she will remember forever.

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