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Elevayta Extra Boy Pro V4 91d VST-AMPLiFY

Elevayta Extra Boy Pro v4 91d VST-AMPLiFY

Elevayta Extra Boy Pro is a powerful and versatile audio processing tool that can be used to isolate, remove, suppress or enhance any part of a stereo audio track. It operates in real-time and is not limited to vocal processing only. It can also handle instruments, effects, noise and other sounds in a mix.


Extra Boy Pro was released in 2007 by Elevayta, a company that specializes in developing innovative audio software for music production, sound design and audio restoration. The latest version of Extra Boy Pro is 5.02, which offers higher audio resolution and improved performance compared to the previous versions.

One of the most distinctive features of Extra Boy Pro is its unique '2D Mode' Spectral-Spatial editing functionality. This mode allows the user to visually identify and manipulate any part of a stereo mix by drawing regions of interest (ROIs) on a 2D spectrogram display. The user can then delete, isolate or boost the selected parts of the mix, creating various effects such as removing vocals, isolating instruments, enhancing bass, suppressing noise and more.

Extra Boy Pro also provides a scrolling spectrograph mode, which is a powerful diagnostic tool for analyzing and editing individual sounds in a mix. The user can zoom in and out of the spectrograph, adjust the frequency and amplitude scales, apply filters and EQs, and modify the gain and pan of each sound.

Extra Boy Pro is compatible with any VST host application that supports 48kHz sample rate. It can be used as an insert effect on a single track or as a master effect on the entire mix. It also comes with a preset bank that contains various examples of audio manipulation using Extra Boy Pro.

Extra Boy Pro v4 91d VST-AMPLiFY is a cracked version of Extra Boy Pro that was released by AMPLiFY, a group of hackers who specialize in cracking audio software. This version bypasses the copy protection and registration process of Extra Boy Pro, allowing the user to use it for free without purchasing a license . However, using cracked software is illegal and unethical, and may expose the user to malware and viruses. Therefore, it is strongly advised to purchase the original version of Extra Boy Pro from Elevayta's website instead of downloading the cracked version from untrusted sources.


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