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Burn After Reading(2008) [REPACK]

And this, of course, is where the comedy could veer into tragedy. Does it matter how stupid the plot is if people die? Does it matter if everything is driven by superficial idiocy and sexual compulsion if an unmarked body ends up burned, a kind man trying to help out a colleague ends up felled in the streets, a marriage between two equally superficial and unfaithful people ends up shattered, a diligently-constructed sex machine ends up torn to shreds, unused, in a dark Georgetown basement? Indeed, you could paint a painful portrait of particularly relevant claustrophobia with these characters, desperate to escape their circumstances, willing to turn to any tiny pinprick of light, no matter how faint.

Burn After Reading(2008)

The double-sided poster is in very good to excellent condition with minimal wear from handling. It has never been folded. Like many theatrical movie posters printed after 1990, this poster is double-sided. The image on the back of the poster is a mirror image of the front. 041b061a72


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